Moments. Details. Emotions.

These are the things that define you, your life and your most important events. How do you want to remember them?

My approach as a film-maker is to be as non-invasive and invisible as possible. The less you know I am there, the more reality I am able to capture. I do not want to be a director. I want to be an observer; a documentarian; most importantly, a story teller.

There is the old cliché that “a picture can speak a thousand words.” With moving images, your pictures will be speaking tens of thousands of words. Each moment builds the story. Each story builds on the last and we, as humans, love stories. We crave them. We share them. We embellish them.

Life is a journey. Along the way, milestones are reached and passed by: Your wedding day; the birth of your children; birthdays; graduations; anniversaries; retirements. Each of those is a story from a small slice of your life that deserves to be relived and passed on.

I want to help you remember those milestones, those moments, those details, those emotions that make up your life.

Click over to Films and you will be able to view stories I have had the privilege of creating. Take your time looking them over, think about your own journey, view our current rate book, then get in touch with me so we can work together to capture those moments forever.