Promotional project for Rocky Mountain Ballet Academy

My wife was, is, a dancer with a Masters in Dance from UC Irvine. My middle daughter is a dancer, specifically ballet, and currently living in Moscow training at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy. My oldest and youngest daughters also have an innate ability to dance.

I do not have this ability.

That’s not to say I can’t move. I can but, my movement is flowing with nature. In the ocean, on a bike, on skis. My dancing is like an elephant riding the bull trying to walk through the china shop. In other words, not pretty with a high propensity for breaking things. Namely, my lovely wife’s toes.

With that out of the way, I’ve been around and involved with dance for a very long time. I’ve worked a lot with dancers, choreographers and companies both as personal projects as well as promotional. Some of that work involved studio portraits of the incredibly talented students at Rocky Mountain Ballet Academy here in Denver as well as performance coverage.

Alexei and Maria, the owners of RMBA, are extremely talented and dedicated. They believe very strongly in creating a strong and healthy foundation for ballet. That comes through when you watch any of their students dance whether it’s during class, at a performance or competing at YAGP.

Recently, they brought me in to create a series of films highlighting the studio and their teaching techniques. We completed the first film last week which focuses on conditioning, technique and pas de deux.

I will be back in their studio later this week filming more and working on the next installments. Keep an eye out here and on Instagram.