Climate Strike

Last Friday was the kick-off to the Climate Strike Action Week here in Denver. I’ve documented several political protests the past few years. It’s important to make a record of the events even if it’s just for myself. It’s the act of being a documenter that’s important. Making pictures whether they are still or moving.

In the past, I had just focused on making still images. This time around I took both a still camera and a cinema camera. I’m still training myself to decide which moments work better as stills and which work better as motion but it is getting easier.

The event began at Union Station and headed up the 16th Street Mall to the capitol building. My guess is that close to 80% of the participants were 25 years old or younger. The local schools let kids out for the day to participate. My daughter’s high school let kids out to walk down to City Park to participate.

Lots of energy. A wee bit of anger underneath it all.