Fleeting moments

The world is full of unnoticed moments. Things happen. Beautiful things. Gone in an instant. Never noticed.

I think this is where my love for photography originates. No. I know that’s where it originates.

You could call them fleeting moments. I call them the moments between the moments. They are the ones with the fuzzy edges. The ones you knew happened but can’t describe. It could be the last kiss a father gives his daughter before walking down the aisle on her wedding day. It could be the crash of a wave on a lonely beach. 

These moments are why I fell so hard for surf photography in Southern California.

It was a challenge. Find the moment in the midst of that wonderful watery chaos. So many variables. So many visuals to separate. Then focus. Put the world in slow motion and focus. Find that singular moment that is the essence of a breaking wave. The beauty within the chaos.

I pulled that challenge out of the sea. Rinsed it. Dried it. Applied it to my other photographic work. Weddings. Families. Street.

Even without a camera in hand, I am looking. Making mental photographs. Mental images that I can use later for inspiration.

Looking for that next moment. Studying the world. People watching. 

It’s fascinating. Never boring. There’s always something new. Constant discovery.

When I work with families, these moments are endless. Children are masters at stringing them together. Everything in the world excites them and it’s infectious. 

Weddings are different. Emotions and nerves are on high alert. There are a lot of moving pieces. A little bit of chaos. Organized chaos. Lots of visuals to separate and prioritize. The most important moments are the ones in between. The fuzzy ones. 

That’s why I am there. 

Capturing those fleeting moments. Building a story. 

The story is what’s important. It’s what allows you to remember. The moments are what immerse you. They bring the story to life.

That’s why I love this job. Finding the moments. Building a story. Presenting it to a client. Seeing their reaction. 

Preserving their memories through moments.