Yesterday was our second Halloween in this neighborhood. Last year we were warned about the intersection a few blocks down. It blew away an neighborhood Halloween setup I’ve ever seen.

This year was bigger.

Setup starts at the beginning of the month. Slowly at first. A few items dragged out onto the lawn. Then the momentum builds. Coffins. Skeletons. Tomb stones. Spiders munching on cocooned humans. A few days prior to Halloween, it’s all done.

Words cannot describe the scenes. Luckily, I’m pretty handy with a camera.

The houses on each corner of the intersection compete against each other. They’re old houses with history. They have the look. The owners take it to a completely different level. 

About 6 blocks of the neighborhood gets blocked off by the city. People come from everywhere in the city. It’s a block party. Kids everywhere. Parents with their plastic cups. Conversations and laughter float on the night air. Every now and then there’s an ear piercing shriek. One of the neighbors put up a haunted house this year. 

Just after dark, the horn went off. Every few minutes it went again. Time to head to the castle.

Yes. The castle.

The original owner was the uncle to the Red Baron. Not Snoopy’s Red Baron. The other one.

The current owners have been renovating, massively, the past few years. Each Halloween, they open the grounds to the neighbors. It’s unbelievable. They put on a great show.

After the castle, it was time to head home. The girls wanted to watch a movie that was appropriately scary. Gremlins. Yep, that amazing classic from nineteen eighty FOUR…