ImageRights Lightroom plugin

For the past two days, it has been in the mid-40's and raining. Snow is falling at the upper elevations. I'm watching the rain, along with the morning traffic, trying to come up with something to write today. 

While I'm working on that, here's an interesting tidbit from Resource Mag on the new Lightroom plugin from ImageRights.

In an era of ubiquitous, maybe even frivolous, sharing, copyright can be a significant issue. Registering your work with the Copyright Office should be part of your workflow. This week on ASMP's Strictly Business blog, they are running a whole series on copyright. Definitely worth a read.

With ImageRights, you'll be able to register your work directly from Lightroom. For me, it's a time saver. 

They have several pricing options, so take a peek and see which will work best for you.