Rage Against The Light

For the past week, I’ve been struggling to write. A creative block. Writer’s block. Put your own label on it.

Something wasn’t there.

Somewhere in the middle of last week a book arrived. Ron Haviv’s “The Lost Rolls”. Stunning. Thought provoking. Impactful. 

Still I was stuck.

Then, a couple of days ago, another book arrived. One that I had been waiting on since September. Coming from Australia, it made quite the trip to reach me in Denver. The wait was worth it.

I study a lot of different things. It helps me be more creative. It helps me be a better photographer. 

One of my favorite genres to study is street photography. One of my favorite street photographers is Markus Andersen.

Earlier this year, he was featured in a documentary called “Into the Belly of the Beast”. His use of light, shadow and color among the streets of Sydney is beyond wonderful.

Then I got wind of a book. This book. The one I’d been waiting for so patiently.

The square cropped, black and white images are beautifully simple. The harsh Australian sun. The crisp shadows. Geometries of towering skyscrapers. Fragments of life. Fleeting moments.

His play on light and shadow is unique. Tied together with his compositions, you’re pulled into the images and wandering the Sydney streets alongside him.

So, have I gotten through the block?

I dunno. I’ve written some words. It snowed last night. The world outside is different. 

Let’s see what happens.